So how does FP / FR Flame Retardant Cables Compare Side by Side with Mineral Insulated Fire Proof Cable?


Feature LSF FP / FR Cable Copper MICC Cable Alloy 825 MICC Cable
Upto 15min egress time Yes Yes Yes
Over 15min egress time No Yes Yes
250°C Operating temperature No Yes Yes
650°C Operating temperature No No Yes
Exposure to 1040°C No Yes Yes
Exposure to 1350°C No No Yes
BS6387 CWZ Yes Yes Yes
BS6387 CWZ Enhanced No Yes Yes
BS8491 (Furnace test) No Yes Yes
Flame Retardant Yes Yes Yes
Seamless tube N/A Yes Yes
Waterproof, submersible No Yes Yes
No self-ignition No Yes Yes
Mechanical shock & pressure resistant No Yes Yes
Zero toxic emissions, smoke, flame & gas No Yes Yes
Self-monitoring No Yes Yes
Non-aging, corrosion resistant No Yes Yes
Suitable for confined space/tunnel No Yes Yes
100% recyclable No Yes Yes
No conduit required No Yes Yes
High overload resistance No Yes Yes
Zero smoke on overload No Yes Yes
Gas, Bio / Chemical proof No Yes Yes
Rodent proof No Yes Yes

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