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TRM Are True Heat Trace Specialists

Here our heat trace specialists will explain how an effective electric heat trace is a system used to compensate for heat losses, using an electrical heating element, which is placed in physical contact with the surface of pipelines, tanks, vessels, equipment etc. It can also be fitted inside the pipe or vessel with suitable glanding.

In this way, you can keep your manufacturing process alive and flowing suitably by maintaining or raising temperatures.

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CSP Trace Heating

Electrical Heat Tracing - A Turnkey Solution

Good design always lasts longer. This is why TRM are a design led specialist electrical heat tracing engineering company.

We offer the Unique ‘Turnkey’ Solution of: Design > Manufacture > Install > Control

Through our turnkey solutions, we believe we can offer the most cost-effective solution on the market with the lowest risk of Trace Heating failure.

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Plan Control Trace Heating

Expert Trace Heating Control

A capable enough, trace heating controller is often overlooked.

Controlling a Trace Heating system properly can offer the total peace of mind that your heating units are working as they should be.

There are numerous examples across the world where a failed Trace Heating system could have been salvaged through a properly managed trace heating control panel.

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Good Design Lasts Longer

As a manufacturer of Mineral Insulated cable, we offer the full range of MI heating units: Stainless Steel, Inconel 600, Alloy 825, Cupro-Nickel and Copper sheathed cables.

We can also design solutions using Self Regulating, Parallel Constant Wattage and ELK Series Resistance Cables. We also offer units such as power cabling, electric distribution etc.

This means we have the entire range of heating units to choose from so we can use our experience and expertise to design the most efficient system.

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Wall of Cables

MI Heating Cables

Mineral Insulated Heat Trace Cables As a world-leading manufacturer of Mineral Insulated Heat Trace Cables and heat trace specialists in design, supervision and control; we pride ourselves on offering the widest possible range of heat trace cable kits and units to suit your trace heating needs. Mineral Insulated Cable is known as the most durable […]

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Heating Unit Hot Cold Junction

MI Heating Units

Mineral Insulated Trace Heating Units Through our long history and excellent reputation, TRM’s trace heating experts understand how to manufacture a solution which will last the lifetime of a project. We have designed, manufactured and installed Trace Heating Systems all around the world which have been in place now for more than 50 years and […]

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MI_Thermocouple Cable

Trace Heating Accessories

Trace Heating Accessories including RTD Heat Trace Sensors Accessories As part of our Trace Heating Turnkey Solution, we are able to offer all the relevant accessories to manage a project. In offering a Turn-Key solution, we will always try to design a system which uses the cables and circuits that lower the total number and […]

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Inconel 600 Cable

MI Heat Trace Cable Sheath Materials

As a world-leading manufacturer of Mineral Insulated Heat Trace Cables and heat trace specialists in design, supervision and control. We have a wide range of sheath material options and can also design bespoke cables for specialist applications. Our standard range of MI trace heating cable sheath materials are: Copper cable Cupronickel 321 stainless steel 310 […]

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Self Regulating Heat Trace Cable TRM

Self Regulating Heating Cables

Self Regulating / Self Limiting Heat Trace Cables Self-regulating heating cables are useful for temperature maintenance needs at low temperatures as their power output will automatically change based on the temperature in working conditions. Self-regulating heat traces are suitable for applications such as frost protection requirements. Furthermore, it is very easy to install and can […]

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