Temperature Measurement

If your business requires the management of heat in its manufacturing process then temperature monitoring and control will probably be high on your agenda. Our high-temperature cable and temperature measurement sensors can suit almost any environment with the right MI cable specification choice.

TRM are specialists in heat management and industrial temperature measurement, we would offer our services in the areas of design, supply and installation. We provide a wide range of temperature-related, products and services alongside our core activity of design, manufacture and supply of type MI thermocouple/sensor cables and probes.

We are an established and approved supplier to a range of industries including the Nuclear & Power Generation, Iron & Steel, and Aerospace industries.

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Industrial Temperature Measurement

We are solution provider and manufacture a range of bespoke thermocouples, RTDs, harnesses and industrial temperature sensors for use in complex high-temperature situations.

We spend a great deal of time on new product development and have a special cell at our factory to focus on this category of work.

We manufacture the widest range of mineral insulated cable sheath materials available, if what you need isn’t standard we can look at virtually any metal you need via our in-house metallurgist.

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MI_Thermocouple Cable

MI Thermocouple Cables

Mineral Insulated High-Temperature Thermocouple Cables  These are our standard range of MI thermocouple cable sheath materials. Here you will find our cable reference codes along with our usage recommendations. For high-temperature measurement, especially in hazardous and corrosive environments, there isn’t any better solution than mineral insulated thermocouple cable. We have a thermocouple cable sheath material […]

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Temperature Measurement

Thermocouple Probes & RTDs

MI Thermocouple & RTD Range  TRM design and manufacture a wide range of mineral insulated thermocouples and RTD sensors to suit almost any application. As one of the worlds leading mineral insulated thermocouple cable manufacturers, our range of MI thermocouples includes PT100 temperature sensors. Mineral insulated thermocouple probes and cables manufactured by TRM are made […]

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Multipoint Thermocouple Assemblies

Multipoint Thermocouple Assemblies

Specialist Multicore and Multipoint Thermocouple Probes Our multicore industrial cable, specifically multipoint thermocouples, are primarily used for temperature profiling in furnaces, chemical reactors and process lines. Multipoint thermocouple assemblies, improve control of the reaction process when compared with single-point sensors. Typical examples of main multipoint thermocouples are: Profiling during reduction of organic acids by exothermal […]

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Reduced Tip Thermocouple Probes_2

Reduced Tip MI Thermocouples

Specialist and Reduced Tip MI Thermocouples TRM can offer thermocouple drawdown units to your specifications. Drawdown units (a.k.a. shoulder reduced thermocouples) are available in a variety of sheath materials, insulation powders, conductor (t/c type) and cold seal configurations down to 0.5mm diameter. We can also provide a range of mineral insulated thermocouple tip options, such […]

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MI Thermocouple and Wire

Thermocouple Cable & Wire

A Wide Range Of Thermocouple Cable & Wire TRM offer a range of PVC, Teflon, Fibreglass, Synthetic, Taped and bare wire thermocouple and cables, including type k thermocouple wire. We can supply thermocouple wire with or without our complete factory-made sensors with our large range on Mineral Insulated Cables. PVC Extruded Example Applications: Permanent Sensor Fabrication, […]

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Marlin Connector Plug

Thermocouple Connectors

Signal Cable Connectors and Thermocouple Wire Connectors TRM is proud to be the European, Middle East & Africa Distributor for Marlin Manufacturing Corporation, a world renowned manufacturer of temperature instrumentation, signal cable connectors and thermocouple wire connectors. After being founded in the 1950s, Marlin Mfg. have continued to grow in this field, with one of […]

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Thermowell Assembly

Special Thermocouple Assemblies

Special Thermocouple Thermowell Assemblies As well as In-House MI Thermocouple units TRM’s partners have the facilities to manufacture advanced thermowell assemblies, using a variety of specialised engineering techniques and thermowell types. Via off-the-shelf or bespoke flanged thermowell drawings and thermowell couplings, we have a solution that’s right for your project. Complex machined components can be […]

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Johnson Noise Thermometer

Johnson Noise Thermometer

World’s first practical Johnson Noise Thermometer TRM are delighted to be working with METROSOL Limited, on the development of the World’s first practical Johnson Noise Thermometer. Johnson noise thermometry (JNT) is a primary temperature measurement method, based on the fundamental properties of thermal variations in conductors. Currently, all thermometers in use (thermocouples, platinum resistance thermometers) […]

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Gas Turbine Sensors TRM_1

Gas Turbine Instrumentation

Gas Turbine Inlet and Exhaust Temperature Instrumentation Introducing an alternative Thermocouple Harness for the Industrial Avon Gas Turbine engine. Exhaust gas temperature harnesses are produced in-house for customer design documentation. Cover such applications as gas turbine inlet temperature, gas turbine exhaust temperature, gas turbine operating temperature, gas turbine temperature profile and gas turbine temperature measurement. […]

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Fluid Leak Detection System_3

Fluid Leak Detection System

Electrical Fluid Leak Detection System A fluid leakage in the building such as the data centre or commander room can stop all electrical and electronical equipment’s and the relevant safety systems from the appropriate operation. A TRM partner leak detection system can save be a huge time and cost-saving solution. Furthermore, leak protection system can […]

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TRM Downwell Sensor Cable

Down Well Applications

Cables to Support Oil Well Data Sensors TRM has designed a reduced diameter flexible cable for downhole temperature measurement applications. This cable has three measuring points at 600 metres, 900 metres and 1200 metres of the cable well. The materials used to ensure that the cable is able to withstand temperatures up to 350°C, supporting […]

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