Standards & Approvals

MICC Fire Survival Cables Standards & Approvals

We take pride in our global high-quality standards and approvals.

MICC’s MI Fire Survival Wiring Cables are manufactured, tested and LPCB approved to BS EN 60702-1.

The LPCB certificate makes reference to the following standards:

BS EN 60702-1: 2002 – Mineral Insulated Cable with a rated voltage not exceeding 750V

BS 6387: 2013 – Performance requirements for cables required to maintain circuit integrity under fire conditions

BS 5839-1: 2002 + A2: 2008 – Fire detection and alarm systems for buildings. Code of practice for system design, installation, commissioning and maintenance.


MICC terminations are tested in accordance with BS EN 60702-2

Quality Certification

Quality systems Assessed to ISO 9001

CE Mark

MICC cable drums, reels and termination packaging are marked with the CE Mark as required, except for terminations primarily intended for installation in potentially explosive atmospheres which are not marked because the low voltage directive does not apply.

Other Standards & Codes of Practice Referring to MI Cables

BS 8434 – Methods of test for assessment of the fire integrity of electric cables

IEC 60331 – Test for electric cables under fire conditions

BS EN 5588– Fire Precautions in the design, construction and use of buildings

BS EN 5266 –Emergency Lighting. Code of practice for the emergency lighting of premises.

BS 7671: 2008 – Requirements for Electrical Installations. IEE Wiring Regulations.

BS 60079 – Code of Practice for the selection, installation and maintenance of electrical apparatus for use in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres.


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