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Thermal Resources Management (a Mineral Insulated Cable Company) provide engineered solutions which perform at the highest temperatures, in the harshest environments, to customers in many global industries with our expertise in all things Temperature Measurement, Trace Heating and Fireproof Wiring.
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Quality is at the core of what we provide, our Quality Policy can be found here.

Through our experience, we can offer Full Turn Key Solutions in:

Electric Trace Heating > We can design, manufacture, install/train and control full Heat Tracing systems to compensate for heat losses on pipes, vessels, equipment etc. We can Raise or Maintain temperatures as appropriate.

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Temperature Measurement > Industrial thermocouples and RTDs used to measure temperature up to 2300°C! They are used in a wide range of applications from pipelines to steel foundries and extremely hazardous areas like Nuclear Power Station reactors and boilers.

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Fire-Survival Wiring > The only true fire survival cable on the market, which guarantees 3 hour plus escape time in the harshest of fires. We offer the full range of Heavy Duty and Light Duty cable in both Copper and Alloy 825.

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“We have managed numerous Turn-Key solutions in Trace Heating. For instance we recently managed the Trace Heating Design, Manufacturing of Mineral Insulated Heating Units, Installation and Control of the Power China 50MW Molten Salt Tower CSP Project. Utilising our many years of experience in CSP and Trace Heating as well as our scope of operations with offices and factories on three continents, we were able to offer a cost effective solution that will last the lifetime of the project.“

Eco Solar Energy Park
Eco Solar Energy Park

“The Kuwait University project is one of the largest construction projects in the Middle East. It is however currently the largest mineral insulated cable project in the World due to the requirement of ultimate performance cabling for all the onsite underground refuge shelters. This project used over 250,000m of MICC copper fire survival cable along with 100,000’s of terminations sets. We provided training and onsite support to ensure a high quality and long life installation.“

Kuwait University
Kuwait Uni

“Since 2012, we have supplied over 1 million metres of bespoke designed Mineral Insulated Thermocouple Cable to the automotive industry. The cable supplied is a key component within Temperature Sensors used at various critical points within the powertrain of Heavy Goods Vehicles, Passenger Vehicles and Off Road Vehicles. MI Cable is essential in these applications to measure high temperatures accurately, therefore allowing the vehicle systems to operate at higher temperatures, and more efficiently to comply with EURO6 and other comparable standards worldwide.“



Tried, Tested and Fully Certified

The Mineral Insulated Cable Company Ltd, now trading as Thermal Resources Management (TRM), has achieved an enviable range of some of the world’s toughest certifications across a wide range of industries.

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Temperature Measurement

What ways can you measure temperature?

Sensors that measure temperature can come in a wide variety with different features, but they all have one thing in common: they all measure temperature by checking for some change in a physical characteristic. In this article, we will be going through each type of industrial temperature sensor and how it works. How to measure […]

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What ways can you measure temperature: Thermal Resources
Trace Heating Products

How does self-regulating heat trace work?

  Self-regulating heat trace cables are often used to apply heat safely and efficiently for comfort, process, and maintenance purposes. They provide protection against burst water pipes, frozen roofs and gutters, ice and snow formation on ramps, paths, stairs, and many other applications. For residential and commercial buildings, these systems offer a reliable and long-term […]

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How does self-regulating heat trace work: Thermal Resources

What is the difference between instrumentation and metrology?

Instrumentation and metrology are two terms that often get confused in some ways as they both relate to measuring. In this article, we’ll be clarifying the difference between instrumentation and metrology as well as defining each one and their role within industrial temperature measurement. What is instrumentation? Instrumentation is a fairly broad and general term […]

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What is the difference between instrumentation and metrology: Thermal Resources
Trace Heating Products

What is electrical heat tracing?

Maintaining or raising the temperature of pipes, instrument impulse lines, and vessels in cold conditions with specialised cables is called electrical trace heating or heat tracing. This type of heat trace is broadly used due to its impressive effects at protecting pipes and other important building elements from freezing. Care should be taken when heating […]

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What is electrical heat tracing: Thermal Resources

What is time lag in process control?

Industrial temperature measurement processes can have the characteristics of delaying and holding back changes in the values of the process variables. Time lags in process controls typically describes these process delays and the lags are caused by three properties of the process. These properties are resistance, capacitance, and transportation time.  Resistance  Resistance is the part […]

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Trace Heating Products

What is Rock Wool Insulation?

Rock wool insulation comes from a volcanic rock that is melted at a temperature of roughly 1,600C and then spun into wool. The newly created insulation is then bound together using resins and oils, giving the material waterproof qualities too. In this guide, we’ll be looking how rock wool insulation is used in relation to […]

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Temperature Measurement

Importance of calibrating a thermocouple

Industrial temperature measurement can be done in a range of different ways. Thermometers are often used as a means of measuring temperature, but in situations where precision is essential and even the slightest spike needs to be recorded, advanced measurement devices like thermocouples are used.  These temperature sensors can pick up on very subtle changes, […]

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Trace Heating Products

Can you use heat trace on PVC pipe?

Trace heating cable can be used on pipes made of plastic, but it’s important to take into account the plastic’s durability and thermal properties first. Plastic is 125 times more resistant to heat than steel, but it is also more vulnerable to damage from high temperatures. The key thing when heating plastic pipes is to […]

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What is an RTD sensor?

If you need to know what an RTD sensor is to potentially use in your operations, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll be covering not only what the sensor is, but also how it works, how to test it, and everything else you might need to be aware of when it comes […]

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