Alloy 825 Industrial Fire Safety Cables

Alloy 825 Industrial Fire Safety Cables

Mineral Insulated Alloy 825 industrial fire safety cables and units are made up of a Nickel or Nickel-clad copper conductor embedded in a compacted Magnesium oxide (inorganic) insulant inside an extremely high-performance Alloy 825 metal sheath.

The inorganic nature of the construction enables the cables to operate at high temperatures for long periods of time in extremely harsh environments e.g. petro-chemical, reactor vessels and other applications where the integrity of the cable is most important.

Operating temperatures:

  • Bare cable operating exposure: up to 670C
  • Max exposure temperature – Nickel conductors: up to 1350C
  • Max exposure temperature – Nickel clad copper conductors: up to 1200C
  • Cable with PVC or LSF covering: up to 105C

Cables can be joined by joints that also withstand direct fire temperatures. These have been tested to 1095°C for 30 minutes without circuit failure.

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