Fluid Leak Detection System

Electrical Fluid Leak Detection System

A fluid leakage in the building such as the data centre or commander room can stop all electrical and electronical equipment’s and the relevant safety systems from the appropriate operation. A TRM partner leak detection system can save be a huge time and cost-saving solution.

Furthermore, leak protection system can prevent secondary losses such as environmental pollution, fire, explosion and/or casualties.

LEAKBAN leak detection solution cable system can detect various types of leakage from pipes and equipment. Furthermore, it pinpoints the position where the leakage occurred with high accuracy across a wide range of individual zones.

LEAKBAN LDS electrical leak detection system is an essential part of the safety and preventive operation system in industrial society.

Features of LEAKBAN System

– Conform with EMI/EMC requirements
– Sensing cable can be connected up to 1km
– Fast response ( default 8 seconds )
– Leak point positioning with ± 1m / 1,000m
– Sensing wires sitting in deep grooves make it fault-free
– Durable and flexible
– Reusable
– Chemical and abrasion resistance
– Standard supply lengths: 3m, 7.5m, and 15m

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LDS System

Network System

LEAKBAN LBMM-100, the main display module is connected with LBSM, the submodule via RS485 and monitors the status of all the linked submodules and sensing cables. Especially when it detects the leakage, it automatically triggers an auditory and visual alarm for the recognition from the distance. Max. 32 submodules can be linked with LBMM-100 via RS485, and each submodule can accommodate 500m of leak detection cable at maximum to manage any zone water leak.

Fluid Leak Detection System_1

Stand-Alone System

LBMM-100, the main display module can be directly connected with a leak-sensing cable without LBSM. It can accommodate 1,000m of sensing cable at max. On the other hand, LBSM-200 or LBSM-300, the submodule can be used without LBMM. If necessary, it can be connected with Windows PC via RC-MBT for alarm systems monitoring the status of leak sensing cable and for positioning the point where the leakage occurred.

Fluid Leak Detection System_2


Power plant and sub-station

Water supply and various chemical detection around power generation plant, data centre, central command unit

Digital media centre

Water leak detection systems detection including floor surfaces, subfloors and equipment location

Semi-conductor, battery, display panel (LCD/LED) factory

Water, acid and base leakage detection around pipes, storage tanks, and trenches such as sulfuric acid, sulphurous acid, nitric acid, PAC and sodium hydroxide etc.

Army bases

Oil and chemical leak detection including pipes and storage tank

The LDS monitoring systems are intrinsically safe leak detection system is approved for installation in ordinary and hazardous areas when used with LBSC-1000 or LBSC-7000 sensing cable with safety barrier being stated in the Ex certificates. Protection Ex ia ⅡC T4 Ga Certificate No. BASEEFA 15Y0074, IECEx BAS15.0064X

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