MICC North American AWG UL Certified Cables

UL Approval for our MI Cable Range. UL approval is, of course, the toughest fire cable test a cable can go through.

UL 2196

  • UL2196 is the world’s best practice for fire testing of essential wiring systems. This test and listing require cables to be tested both horizontally in full-scale 3-meter lengths with bends and joints.
  • The temperature is 1020 Degrees Centigrade in a 2-hour exposure
  • The test voltage is 347/600 volts rms
  • The water spray is a high-pressure firemen’s hose test.
  • Cables are required to be tested as a system with fixings and supports as they will be installed.
  • 5 samples are required to be tested in horizontal mounting representing smallest to largest sizes.
  • 5 samples are required to be tested in vertical mounting representing smallest to largest sizes.

You can read more about MI vs Soft Skinned Fire Resistant Cables here.

The UL-approved AWG range will, of course, be supplied mainly to the North American regions, however, the fact our MICC, seamless MI Cable will pass the UL 2196 fire test will only solidify its reputation as the best possible solution in regards to a fire-rated cable.

As well as offering engineering advice and designs, MICC will also be able to supply the full range of accessories, tools and installation services to be able to manage a total turn-key solution for our customers.

You can learn more on our US website: https://micccorp.com/


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