Thermocouple Connectors

Signal Cable Connectors and Thermocouple Wire Connectors

TRM is proud to be the European, Middle East & Africa Distributor for Marlin Manufacturing Corporation, a world renowned manufacturer of temperature instrumentation, signal cable connectors and thermocouple wire connectors.

After being founded in the 1950s, Marlin Mfg. have continued to grow in this field, with one of the key product being the thermocouple connector – a product Marlin’s founders helped to develop when plastics were in their infancy!

Some of the products available include

  • Mini Size Plugs & Jacks
  • Standard Size Plugs (including Jab-in) & Jacks
  • High Temperature Plugs & Jacks (both mini & standard size)
  • Stripanels for up to 12 circuits (also available in high temperature construction)
  • Associated Accessories including:
    • Braze on adaptors
    • Crimp on adaptors
    • Compression adaptors

The full range is available on the Marlin Mfg website –

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