What is the difference between instrumentation and metrology?

What is the difference between instrumentation and metrology: Thermal Resources

Instrumentation and metrology are two terms that often get confused in some ways as they both relate to measuring. In this article, we’ll be clarifying the difference between instrumentation and metrology as well as defining each one and their role within industrial temperature measurement.

What is instrumentation?

Instrumentation is a fairly broad and general term used to describe the hardware that is used for measurement and control and can include software too. The English word “control” often includes regulation as well whilst other languages typically differentiate between manual control such as opening and closing a valve, and automatic regulation, like closed loop control. Therefore, when we consider “instrumentation” it might include valves, manometers, level indicators, and PLC controls.

What is metrology?

Metrology is the science of measurement and how it’s applied. By contrast to instrumentation, metrology is not just about the physical and routine making of measurements, it is more about the infrastructure in place that ensures we are confident in the accuracy of the measurement. It establishes a basic understanding of units and measurement processes that are essential to human activity.

Metrology details the accuracy, precision, and repeatability of a measurement. It includes traceability or comparison with a “standard” or between different measuring systems. Also, it involves all the theoretical and practical aspects of measurement, no matter the measurement uncertainty or the field of application.

What is the difference between instrumentation and metrology?

To understand the difference between instrumentation and metrology, if you consider that philosophy is ‘thinking about thinking’ then metrology is essentially ‘measuring measurement’. So, a lot of people can use and carry out instrumentation but not as many people do metrology. Both are important aspects of high temperature measurement to ensure it is done effectively, safely, and accurately.

Who are TRM?

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  • Temperature measurement- industrial thermocouples and temperature measurement sensors can measure temperatures of up to 2300C! They are used in a broad range of applications and industries from pipelines to steel foundries and hazardous areas like Nuclear Power Station reactors and boilers.
  • Fire survival wiring- the only authentic fire survival cable on the market, guaranteeing more than 3 hours of escape time in the most severe of fires. We can provide heavy duty and light duty cables in both copper and alloy 825, depending on your requirements.

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