Thermocouple Cable & Wire

A Wide Range Of Thermocouple Cable & Wire

TRM offer a range of PVC, Teflon, Fibreglass, Synthetic, Taped and bare wire thermocouple and cables, including type k thermocouple wire.

We can supply thermocouple wire with or without our complete factory-made sensors with our large range on Mineral Insulated Cables.

PVC Extruded

Example Applications: Permanent Sensor Fabrication, Laboratories, Test Facilties, Short-run Extension Leads.

Teflon Extruded

Example Applications: Power Generating Plants, Petroleum Plants, Field Heat Treating.

Fiberglass Braided

Example Applications: Heat Treating, Glass & Ceramic Kilns, Foundries, Extensive applications in aluminium processing, Preheating & Stress Relieving of Forgings, Heat Treating for annealing, aging, or hardening, Homogenizing furnaces for billet preheating, Furnace Temperature Surveys/

Synthetic Braided

Example Applications: Replacement for beaded thermocouples, heat treating, coke ovens, soaking pits, furnace survey thermocouples, brick & tile kilns, closed tubes or protective atmospheres, glass and ceramic manufacturing, metalworking plants.

Taped Products

Example Applications: Power Plants, Kilns, Petroleum Plants, Aerospace Industry, Cryogenic Applications, Aircraft Bonding, Glass, Ceramic & Brick Applications.

Protective Overbraids

Most wire types can be strengthened by the addition of a protective overbraid.

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