Fire Survival Wiring Cables

Mineral Insulated Cable is the most durable cable ever made.

Having originated from the ashes of BICC (the original Manufacturer of Mineral Insulated Cable), we apply over 85 Years’ worth of experience from the ex-Directors and Staff of BICC to offer the most cost-effective solution which works. Further to this, we are the only company in the world to manufacture using the BICC seamless tube technique ensuring infallible quality for the perfect MI Cable.

We offer the full range of Heavy Duty and Light Duty cables in:

  • Copper sheath
  • Alloy 825 sheath

Life safety and firefighting equipment often rely on the integrity of the essential wiring system to enable evacuation & firefighting operations. Unlike plastic FP fire cable, and “flame-retardant” cables, MI cable offer proven 3-hour escape times in “Real World” fire conditions.

If a building, tunnel, underground car park etc. has a ‘Required Safe Evacuation Time” of more than 10 minutes, there is only one suitable choice of cable: Mineral Insulated Cable.

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MICC Hospital Fire Proof Cable

MICC Cable

Why is MICC the only true Fire Survival cable?

  • Inorganic construction = Nothing to burn!
  • Nothing to burn = Zero toxic emissions and Zero smoke!
  • Inorganic materials = Last a lifetime!
    • MICC wiring cables come with a 30-year guarantee!
  • Holistic fire survival = Zero combustion and Zero heat release
  • Naturally armoured = Pest proof, no risk of rodent damage!
  • Self-monitoring = Does not cause false alarms due to undetected damage on installation
  • Furnace tested = Passes the only true lifelike fire test!
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Cable Furnace Test MICC

MI Vs FR & FP Cables

Seamless Tube Mineral Insulated Cable is without question the ultimate fire survival electrical cable system.

Mineral Insulated Cable is the only wiring system that can survive real-world fire conditions.

  • It provides proven up to 3-hour escape time in ‘Real World’ fire conditions.
  • The only electric cable to pass modern furnace tests – i.e. German standard ISO834-1, test DIN 4102 1000°C 90mins.
  • The only cable technology approved & listed by UL2196 for ‘unrestricted installation’.
  • Passes the BS6387 / BSEN50200 ‘Enhanced’ test.
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Fire Fighters

Standards & Approvals

The LPCB certificate makes reference to the following standards:

  • BS EN 60702-1: 2002 – Mineral Insulated Cable with a rated voltage not exceeding 750V
  • BS 6387: 2013 – Performance requirements for cables required to maintain circuit integrity under fire conditions
  • BS 5839-1: 2002 + A2: 2008 – Fire detection and alarm systems for buildings. Code of practice for system design, installation, commissioning and maintenance.
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Copper Pyro Cables

Light Duty Fire Rated Cables

Light Duty 500 Volt Range     No. & Conductor Size Current Ratings – Bare Served (LSF) Volt Drop Core Resistance @20 deg C Coil Length Typical Earth Fault Loop Impedance Cable Dia – Bare Served (LSF) Approx Weight – Bare Served (LSF) CableRef CC (Bare) CCM (LSF) Sq/mm A A mV/A/m Ohms/km m Ohms/km […]

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Heavy Duty Pyro MI Cable

Heavy Duty Fire Rated Cables

Heavy Duty 750 Volt Range Please contact us for the relevant datasheet for the 2-core range here; fire rated single core cables range here; Heavy Duty Single Core   No. & Conductor Size Current Ratings – Bare Served (LSF) Volt Drop Core Resistance @20 deg C Coil Length Typical Earth Fault Loop Impedance Cable Dia […]

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MICC Pyro ZSU Large Stripping Tool

MI Cable Termination Tools and Accessories

MI Cable Termination Tools and Accessories MICC provide a complete range of MI cable accessories, terminations and tools needed to carry out a full professional installation, including pyro cable cutter, MI cable termination kits and MICC cable clips. Please request and review our MICC termination and accessories guide by contacting us here.

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Cable Referencing MICC

Cable Referencing

Understanding MICC Pyro Cable Referencing We often get asked what is pyro cable? ‘Pyro’ is a reference to the original manufacturer of this copper-sheathed fire survival cable, Pyrotenax. Later becoming a brand of British Insulated Cables, which after merging with Callender’s Cable & Construction Company became British Insulated Callender’s Cables, commonly referred to as BICC. […]

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MICC Twisted Fire Alarm Cables_Small

Twisted Fire Rated Cables

Twisted Fire Survival Communication Cables  MICC twisted communication and signal cables have been developed to meet the stringent demands of modern life preservation systems. These cables are the ultimate twisted shielded fire alarm cables and twisted shielded pair fire alarm cables. They are now being applied to communication and control circuits in aggressive and arduous environments […]

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Industrial Fire Proof Cables

Alloy 825 Industrial Fire Safety Cables

Alloy 825 Industrial Fire Safety Cables Mineral Insulated Alloy 825 industrial fire safety cables and units are made up of a Nickel or Nickel-clad copper conductor embedded in a compacted Magnesium oxide (inorganic) insulant inside an extremely high-performance Alloy 825 metal sheath. The inorganic nature of the construction enables the cables to operate at high […]

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MICC UL AWG Fire Survival Cables

MICC North American AWG UL Certified Cables

UL Approval for our MI Cable Range. UL approval is, of course, the toughest fire cable test a cable can go through. UL 2196 UL2196 is the world’s best practice for fire testing of essential wiring systems. This test and listing require cables to be tested both horizontally in full-scale 3-meter lengths with bends and joints. […]

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