Ultrasonic Cable Stripping Machine

Mineral Insulated Cable Stripping Machine

The New TRM UCES-400 Ultrasonic Industrial Cable Stripping Machine UK uses powerful pulses of Ultrasonic energy to strip the sheath from mineral insulated cable.

The ultrasonic mineral insulated cable stripping tool energy transfers to the insulation on contact and de-compacts and liquefies the powder, which escapes from the end of the cable.

The result is that all the powder in the stripped section is cleanly removed leaving the conductors completely untouched by our electric cable stripping machine.

The whole action is completed in seconds (in the case of small cables in a fraction of a second).

All cable sizes can be accommodated from 1.0mm (0.04”) to 6.0mm (or ¼”)

The only preparation needed prior to stripping is to ring through the sheath at the breakpoint (up to 25mm from the cable end).

The heavy-duty cable stripping machine is supplied with a ringing tool and a pair of electronic side cutting pliers for the smaller sizes.

There are four mechanisms affecting the stripping action;

  1. Cable size
  2. The length being stripped
  3. Powder density (Supplier dependant)
  4. ‘Grip’

The TRM Ultrasonic Cable end Stripping machine or UCES-400 will control the power level and the grip to give a wide range of settings allowing all variants of MI cable to be efficiently and effectively stripped.

The Stripper will remove the sheath from Stainless Steel sheathed cables, Copper and Cupro Nickel sheathed cables and Inconel or other Nickel-based alloys. Cables can be accommodated in a variety of conductor configurations from single-core to multiple cores and triaxial.

The UCES-400 comes complete and ready to use. It does not require a compressed air supply and runs directly off the main supply.

For Ultrasonic Stripper Manuals, please contact us here.

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