MI Thermocouple Welding Machine

Thermocouple Spot Welding Machine 

The new revised version of the TRM MI Thermocouple spot welding machine incorporates a new weld torch assembly and a new vice jaw arrangement for easier changing of thermocouple sizes, including K-type thermocouple welding.

A comprehensive tool kit and the extended manual are provided with all thermocouple welding machines. Key features include;

  • Welds all Mineral Insulated thermocouples from 1.0mm to 6.0mm
  • Fully automatic weld cycle under microprocessor control
  • Both conductors and sheath closure weld carried out on one machine
  • Removable Microscope included with an optical light guide for maximum visibility
  • Separate weld actions for conductors and sheath closure (CD & TIG)
  • Automatic recharge on CD ready for next weld
  • TIG weld has slope-up and slope-down functions for accurate weld control envelope
  • Bench mounted
  • Single-phase supply

This thermocouple welding unit is specifically designed for welding the hot junctions of mineral insulated thermocouples. Either Earthed (Bonded) Junction or Insulated Junction welds can be accommodated. The machine will weld thermocouples from 1.0mm to 6.0 mm outside diameter.

Our thermocouple welding equipment is divided into two sections to accommodate the two welding processes associated with the junction of an MI thermocouple.

Physical Construction

The machine is constructed from 16 gauge Mild Steel, Epoxy powder coated on all inner and outer surfaces. The panels that make up the main case are bolted together by M6 bolts into captive nuts. There are no welded sections or self-tapping screws. The side panels have punched holes to allow airflow through the machine, which is assisted by an internal fan. Internal components are mounted on mild steel substructures, which can be removed for maintenance and repair. Two handles are provided on the sides of the machine, however, it is recommended that two people carry out any lifting or handling of the machine using approved lifting principles.


Electrical Power
The machine operates from a single-phase 220-250v-ac-50Hz supply and is rated at 2000VA. For countries using 110V 60Hz please specify at the time of order. 


The machine requires a supply of High purity Argon Gas. The use of any other gases e.g. Argon/Nitrogen, Helium etc will alter the characteristics of the weld arc. Advice should be sought before using special gas mixes. 


The maximum outside dimensions of the machine, including the microscope and weld table, are:

500mm Wide
450mm High
750mm Deep

The bench footprint is:

500mm Wide
480mm Deep

For MI Spot Welding Machine Manual, please contact us here.

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