MICC Visits China for its Annual General Meeting

MICC and TRM team attend our annual general meeting, in our offices in Shanghai. Welcoming our partners from all over the globe to include:
During this week long trip our delegates and team were welcomed to our Chinese head quarters in Shanghai as well as a 3 day factory visit and board meeting in Hefei.
This week long meeting allowed our partners the chance to converse on their current markets, the future agendas, as well as learn about the changes happening in MICC and TRM.
Looking at new product launches, services, strategies and training.
A big thank you goes out to the MICC Shanghai team whose hospitality was unmatched. Welcoming our partners to a range of activities to experience the true Chinese culture and cuisine.
After the success of the 2015 AGM plans are underway for the 2016 AGM to be held in the United Kingdom head office of Washington (TBC) providing the chance for both the chinese team, and partners the ability to see the heritage of both TRM & MICC, and where the business originating from.
From TRM & MICC UK we would like to give a big thank you to the MICC (Shanghai) for their hospitality and immense organizational skills and to our partners taking time out of their busy schedules to attend our AGM.

Sunderland manufacturer gains from city’s Chinese friendship agreement

Thermal Resources Management (TRM) Group has setup a Shanghai-based joint venture with its sister company MICC, to build its supply chain in China.

The Chinese operation includes a manufacturing plant in Hefei, where it is seeking local suppliers to reduce the costs of exporting components from the UK. The specialist business manufactures products used in the oil and gas, automotive, aviation and electronics industries.

TRM is now strengthening its links with China after welcoming a student who has joined the company on placement through the Sunderland-Harbin friendship agreement.

Student Zuer Qi has been tasked with researching the suppliers and providing feedback to TRM. The 19-year-old comes from the Chinese city of Harbin and is currently in the UK studying accounting and finance at Manchester University.

TRM director Nick Morton said: “We have only been manufacturing in China in serious quantities since the start of the year and we have 60 to 70 staff there.”

“The factory makes mineral insulated cables – specialist heating cables – some of which we will use. But because it’s a joint venture, we are giving them technical assistance to address the substantial market in China and elsewhere in Asia.”

The plant requires specialist materials and Zuer’s knowledge is being put to good use researching potential suppliers in China.

Nick Morton said: “We are already finding out about the technical quality by asking them to send samples which will go through our technical approval process. But Zuer’s perspective of how these companies respond and how they are to deal with will be interesting.”

The project is giving Zuer an opportunity to work hands-on for TRM and gain an insight into how the growing company operates.

She said: “It’s good to get first-hand experience of work while you are an undergraduate and to get to know a company well through a real-life project.

Sunderland and Harbin signed up to a friendship agreement in 2009 to co-operate for the benefit of both cities. Harbin, located in North East China, is the country’s tenth largest city.

Councillor Harry Trueman, deputy leader of Sunderland City Council, said: “It’s great to see our friendship agreement with Harbin in action and the benefits it’s bringing both for TRM and for Zuer. This is the perfect example of how an agreement like this should work in practice.”


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